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SchoggiMail stands for emotions, relationships, lifestyle, creativity, taste, innovation and fun to the unusual. With ever new ideas, we are expanding our position in the Swiss market continuously and are also expanding internationally in the near future.

The reasons for the company's success are manifold.

First and foremost is the joy of new and mutual enthusiasm. Nothing motivates more than a "ping-pong" of ideas. Our goal, people delight, surprise or to amaze each other, this is the top priority. The more "casual" so we succeed, we have the more fun in the matter.

Based on this, we have dedicated employees and in turn, a strong intuition for market needs. Unconventional communication, product expertise, outstanding supplier, distributor, as are his heart and soul and excellent logistics are the backbone for the successful development of the company. Marketing activities and always new innovations to support additionally the strong image of the brand and the company.

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MAIL chocolate was a basic idea that is very simple and therefore just as impressive. It should be a gift that prepares a delight the recipient. It should appeal to all the senses, but not the obligation to return gift. It should be updatable over again, but not a fad. And finally, it is old and young joy. Our customers believe that we have achieved this.

Corporate customers

With a chocolate MAIL emotionalise each message, create the desired attention and speak to the recipient to all the senses.

Each chocolate MAIL can be designed individually. Using advanced techniques, almost all content - from the address above sales approach to graphics, text passages or product offerings - are specifically tailored to the recipient.

Examples and further information please refer to the Business Flyer

Points of Sale

Chocolate MAIL s are available in Switzerland in 300 post offices, the largest bookstores and at 100 kiosks and of course the web and on outlets.