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April 14, 2014 - One of my course participants from Switzerland sent me a Schoggimail. The chocolate tasted so good that I could not forget about it.Looking forward to receiving more. With best regards, Gudrun Schwarzer

April 13, 2014 - Hmmmmm this chocolate is yummy! Which means the Schoggimails have arrived. The conversion of the packaging as well as the individualisation with the own name are genius. Thank you and your team very much for all the effort. The result exceeded our initial expectations. The only minor and a bit sad problem to mention was that the ink of the post stamp came slightly off. But this lays beyond your and my area of influence. It was a pleasure doing business with you! - Sweet greets - C.Kramer

February 27, 2014 - Great action with exquisite chocolate, our customers were delighted. Flexible and prompt handling, successful mailing which will stay in rememberance. Mission accomplished, many thanks to the SchoggiMail Team. - Regina Grob, Unifil AG

January 30, 2014 - Dear Mr Hess, according to our conversation on the phone today I herewith order 10 Grand Cru chocolate bars. I would especially like to mention that your product came to my attention through a Schoggimail. As a chocolate lover with a daily consumption, I am spoiled and need to express that your chocolate is extraordinary and sets itself apart from all tastes I had so far. The (only) 523 calories are an additional plus. I am looking forward to your delivery. - S.Flaig

November 11, 2013 - Hello Mr. Wehle, I am frequently ordering your SchoggiMails. Together with my last order I received a nice letter from you asking for what purpose I use them. First of all, I received a SchoggiMail as a promonional gift and really am not a fan of milk chocolate. I prefer the dark chocolate. But I am very glad that your SchoggiMail has ended up on my desk. I have never tasted better chocolate (and I really enjoy eating chocolate). Therefore I am always enoying your SchoggiMail myself. Best regards from Donauwörth. Tina Kraus

31 0ctober 2013 - Success Story

Already tried many things and still nothing has triggered such a return as a plain Schoggimail. Simple, inexpensive, delicious. Our customers are thrilled, rave about the fine cocoa quality and keep us in "" Premium "" memory. Herewith I most probably have rented out a free apartment. Thanks for the prompt and uncomplicated cooperation. I will defenitely use Schoggimail for private occasions and give you the top grade.

Best regards , Evelyn Lattmann-Hoch Marketing TERTIANUM residence Huob 8808 Pfäffikon SZ"

September 12, 2013 - Best service!

Ordered yesterday - received today , awesome. Of course, the bill was paid immediately via E - banking. Will defenitely recommend this. - Werner R. Fuchs"

August 30, 2013 - Good day, you are super quick with the delivery of the ordered Schoggi. Thank you and please keep it up. Yours sincerely I. Schnidrig"

May 24, 2013

Dear Lindt team, I have just seen the Rundschau on TV SRF . What Lindt has done regarding Schoggi-Email respectively has copied it is among all dignity and in my view a ""desaster"" with respect to the inventor , ""Mr. Hess"". Where is fairness, honesty and transparency. Accordingly, I assume that the Lindt arrogance outsmarts others only due to money reasons. The company Lindt did not even deliver an opinion to SRF which is also a bad sign and shameful. We believe that the SRF -Rundschau has well researched and the truth shows as it is.

We will not buy Lindt products any more and the name LINDT is on our black list which will be discussed with family and friends.In this case, Lindt & Sprüngli Products shall not be bought world wide or they should pay Mr. Hess a few million Swiss Francs - what I would find a fair conclusion.

With regard to this way of copying products we would lose no tears if the company LINDT & Sprüngli would not exist anymore on the economic market. Too bad for all the jobs, but the company Lindt would deserve it. That's just not the way how business is done - where is the respect and moral dignity towards other people and companies.

In this sense, I only can wish the company Lindt & Sprüngli just the opposite than success and hope our future generations will comply with this also .

Nevertheless, I wish best regards. R. S.

April 19, 2013

Dear Mrs. Lutz, Thanks for the Easter edition of the Schoggimail. It was very well received. All ddresses and texts were written by hand, as a signal of appreciation to my customers.

Shortly thereafter, two customers and a potential customer who also received a Schoggimail got in touch with me and directly made more appointments with us. I'm not sure what role Schoggimail has played here , but I think the investment has more than paid off ...

March 6, 2013

Dear Mr. Hess, The Schoggimails arrived on Monday. Many thanks, they look nice, exactly as we imagined it. We are very happy with the result. Thank you for the good cooperation.

Best Regards, K. Klein, Swiss Post, Post Logistics

January 30, 2013

Good day! A few days ago I got a delicious chocolate post. It was a premium milk chocolate bar; the best I have ever had! Now my question . Is it possible to obtain the chocolate without all these sweet designs? I do not want to give it away but eat it myself .... greeting

Sebastian Kopec

January 17, 2013

Good day, We received a schoggimail for Christmas and the chocolote (I think it was premium milk although my colleague meant it to be grand cru) was very delicious. We are both regular chocolate-enjoyers and a big compliment to you. We would love to enjoy your chocolate again (sorry, just don't remember which one it was ...) but we do not want to send a schoggimail. Is there a way to get your chocolate somewhere to buy for personal use?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Claudia Keller

December 14, 2012

Good day Mr. Hess! I would like to forward the compliments we receive from our customers. It ranges from great and super fine chocolate to super idea and design. Thank you for your efforts and your commitment to our bat-schoggimails. Best Regards and Happy Holidays,

Petra Bantli, Bantli AG, Hauptstrasse 24, 8264 Eschenz,

November 8, 2012

Hello! For 16 years I live in Italy now and what I really miss is the Swiss chocolate. Today I have received the most beautiful mail ever. I was exasperated by joy. I received a sweet message with Christmas feeling. An advent calendar. Small things make the Christmas time special. Thank you for this great idea.

September 21, 2013

Good day Mr. Hess,

the SchoggiMails are very well received by the employees. I am also looking forward to it, my Birthday is in October *smile*

Last year, we only wrote little cards and a few people got lost within the system..

But no one has reported that he had gone forgotten ... (System forgets one to two employees)

Since we distribute the schoggimails, the employees directly report that they have not received one.

They also want to have a schoggimail ... They were forgotten ...

A few people suddenly have Birthday twice a year when they see that I distribute the chocolate bars *smile*

That is why we are looking forward to 2013, where there will again be a Bithday chocolate bar...

Greetings from Baden - Cybil Starkmann

I'm very glad, you are more than welcome to post this on your website. I look forward to the two "Get well soon"" Schoggimails. Mrs Diepolder and me will certainly have very bad headaches on arrival of the first delivery, or sooo *smile*

I wish you and your team a nice Friday and a beautiful, sunny weekend

Best regards, Cybil Starkmann"

"Surfing the Internet for a sweet surprise for a birthday child I came accross Schoggimail. I was so delighted by the idea that I immediately sent 2 more calorie packages on their way. It was a success, although the chocolate will probably not be eaten soon due to the nice packaging :-) Really a great service, thank you Schoggimail!"

Regards, Marina S."

"Dear Ronald, I would like to thank U and your team for this wonderful chocolate! My colleagues and I loved it …. we received lots of chocolate and yours was the number 1!!! I wish you and your team all the best! Hope we can meet soon!"

Best Regards, elodie"

"I think the idea of schoggimail is so awesome. Just today I was a little depressed by certain occasion, and there arrived from my son from Switzerland a schoggimail. After that everything was fine again and it gave me a lot of strength. Great idea."

Kind greeting, Jutta Heinze"

"Dear Schoggi-Mail inventor!

It's actually very simple and yet therefore very original!

You are allowing to send gestures of affection that consist of exactly the components that a person needs to feel just a little bit happier! A few warm words for the mind, combined with something sweet for body and soul - a gesture of affection, appreciation, gratitude, joy, connectedness or very great happiness! not just for the head, but through the stomach into the heart!

Many thanks to you I was able to generate small and great pleasures, whether for the neglected granny, the angry girlfriend, the exam-annoyed brother or the stressed dad - ShoggiMail has always sweetened the day of the receiver!

Thanks for the idea !! Keep it up! Gladly with more and more new designs!"

Sweet greetings, M. H."

"Dear Schoggimail - Team

Thank you for your great service! With SchoggiMail we have a great opportunity to thank our customers individually and to surprise them. The reactions are always very positive and happy! Our Christmas calendar received a huge response. The processing as well as delivery always takes place fast, easy and good. Keep it up! "

Best Regards, Garage Sigrist AG, Rafz,

Good day Mr. Hess

The customer was very happy about the * sweet * sign from us. Surely this is an original way to apologize. Wishing you a pleasant and successful week!

Best regards, S. T."

The last message of 2010 to our customers and suppliers was a sweet note which included a high quality choccolate. To send Schoggimails brings joy especially by using the different possibilities of personalisation, to remind of our image and to write a personal note to each recipient. Assured success. M. Ramponi

“Lydia, yes, i did get the chocolate, please forgive me for not thanking you earlier. i will never know how the chocolate tastes, as i will never open it. i am just so proud to have the package and i want to keep it in tact.”

Schoggimail is a SUPER DEAL! Really GREAT IDEA! Compliment! Sincerely, Ch. Csibi

Good evening, Mr. Hess,

Thanks for the very prompt replacement even with a ""little consolidation"". I have and will continue to recommend you as my first experiences with your company were perfect. Greetings from the currently very gray mountains.

Vreny Gamper"

"Dear SchoggiMail-Team,

The package did survive the unusual journey to Thailand in a very good shape whereupon now a drastic shrinkage is discovered. This might probably be due to the delicious taste and that everyone here is delighted by the SchoggiMails.A special thanks goes also to the two couriers who delivered the package here personally.A very sincere thank you and best regards from Phuket, Thomas Weisser"

"Dear Mr. Hess, My package has arrived today. Thank you very much for the two ""plus"" schoggimails. I was very happy about it. I think your chocolate is EXTRAORDINARY DELICIOUS.

Many thanks and kind regards, Oswald T."

"Dear Schoggimailers, We received a sweet schoggimail greet from very dear friends Iris and Peter from Switzerland Greeting and were very pleased about it. By the way the chocolate is very delicious and it would be great if we could purchase such also on the North Sea coast.

Greetings also to our friends, Sandra and Lars Mordhorst"